Primary Consultant: Anneshia Freeman MBA, MSW, CPRM, CADC was born and raised in poverty around upper-middle and upper class society. She has a dichotomy of childhood and adult experiences, which makes her truly unique. She has escaped several inner-city subcultures that enslaves numerous populations and has successfully resocialized herself into what sociologists refer to as the dominate culture. Anneshia Freeman has a thorough understanding of the policies and procedures of many inner-city subcultures without the ingrained conditioning of one born and raised there.

Ms. Freeman has first hand knowledge of the obstacles individuals encounter when endeavoring to change cultural residency. She has experience with conquering internalized shame issues that challenges one’s right to change at every new level of the resocialization process. The trial and error process that Anneshia Freeman endured during her transformation has provided her with unusual insight into how to help people suffering with the same issues. This insider’s knowledge makes her a valuable asset to organizations seeking to reach individuals afflicted with the same types of belief systems that she has successfully escaped.

Contract Employees: AFACS subcontracts with various individuals dependant upon the type of consulting services requested. These specialists come from various backgrounds and are considered experts due to their extensive experience in escaping dysfunctional lifestyles. Ms. Freeman subcontracts with a team of subculture competent experts and other professionals to provide services as needed. AFACS experts have the following characteristics:

  • Former low-self esteem and no-self esteem sufferers who are now confident, “self-care professionals” who have criteria one must meet to be involved in their lives
  • Former poverty residents who have broken the cycle of poverty in their families and are now financially independent
  • Recovering drug addicts and recovering alcoholics with three to 25 years of abstinence and recovery experience