History of Products and Service Developments

Anneshia Freeman has worked diligently over the past nine years developing trainings, workbooks, program manuals, and belief system cards based on her program concept, The Lies That Bind®, that are receiving rave reviews.

The Lies That Bind® (LTB) is a cognitive restructuring and resocialization program for adults and youth. The LTB is based on the work of several experts in the fields of neuroscience and psychology. According to these experts, people make decisions as adults whether positive or negative based on unconscious beliefs created during the formative years. These beliefs are stored in the right brain. The left brain, the adult conscious side of the brain, is not aware of these beliefs which is why many people make the same self-defeating choices repeatedly despite the consequences. The LTB introduces individuals to their unconscious beliefs and offers tools to assist people in restructuring their mindset.

The adult LTB program has been utilized by 61st District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan since December 2003.
The Mission Inn program at Arbor Circle Corporation utilized the LTB program from 2005 to 2009. Anneshia Freeman trained nine MSW therapists at Arbor Circle in the program methodology. Mission Inn is a federally funded program that assists women with children under the age of five in breaking the generational cycles of drug addiction and poverty in their families.

Ms. Freeman was approached by the Black Women’s Roundtable in 2005 and asked if she could tweak her program concepts for youth.
The Grand Rapids Central City Weed and Seed Program piloted the youth LTB program for four years. Weed and Seed is a federally funded crime prevention program. The youth program was a huge success and has been utilized by various organizations in Grand Rapids, Michigan since 2005.

Many organizations and universities heard of the impact of Ms. Freeman’s work and in 2004, she began conducting trainings to help organizations understand the unconscious reasons people keep making the same destructive choices.
These trainings have challenged organizations to reexamine their program methodologies to include components that address cause and effect simultaneously. At the trainings, people began requesting products based on the LTB program. Ms. Freeman decided to release her intensive program in modules. The first module is a workbook entitled “The Adult Reenactment of the Childhood Script.” The second program module “The 100 Most Commonly Seen Unconscious Lies” is currently being edited and will be released soon (check back often for product release dates).

Ms. Freeman continued delivering direct care to clients and providing trainings for organizations as she completed her academic goals.
In 2012 after completing her second master’s degree, Anneshia Freeman realized the demand for LTB direct care services and professional trainings had grown beyond her capacity to meet working full time for an organization. Anneshia Freeman and Associates Consulting Services, LLC was born!

E-mail: afreeman@anneshiaconsulting.com