Healing From a Trauma-Based Belief System Eight Week Online Group Series
Facilitated by
Anneshia Freeman MBA, MSW, CADC, CPRM


Dates: Every Thursday – Beginning 08/08/2024 Through 09/26/2024
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM – EST
Location: Online via Zoom – Link will be sent each week.
Price: $350 cover all eight sessions

    • Also includes the workbook, “The 100 Most Commonly Seen Unconscious Lies and the Keys to the Locks,” which comes with two sets of 100 cognitive restructuring cards.

LTB Alumni Price: $150 covers all eight sessions

    • The price is $150 if you have both sets of cards and the workbook. If you need the workbook, the cost is an additional $30.

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Description: This eight-week, online, group series is for people who have experienced trauma that has produced: people-pleasing behaviors, low self-esteem, poor anger management, vocational stress, and unhealthy relationships. This group series addresses the root cause – unconscious, trauma-based beliefs. It’s hard to fight an invisible enemy! The material utilized during the series is based on an award-winning program entitled “The Lies That Bind®.” During the eight-week series, Anneshia Freeman will walk the participants through the workbook entitled, “The 100 Most Commonly Seen Unconscious Lies and the Keys to the Locks” providing instructions on how to use the workbook and the card sets. Participants will also be provided with additional worksheets, videos to watch for homework, and cognitive restructuring articles. This is healing on another level. Anneshia Freeman is a survivor of horrific childhood and adulthood trauma and has experienced her own healing journey.

Week 1: The Findings of Noted Experts in the Fields of Neuroscience and Psychology
Week 2: The Implantation of Trauma-Based Beliefs
Week 3: Trauma-Based Beliefs Categories and the Feelings They Produce
Week 4: The Casting of Trauma-Based Beliefs – The Adult Reenactment of the Childhood Script
Week 5: The Clues to the Cast – Verbal and Non-Verbal
Week 6: How Trauma-Based Beliefs Collaborate – Internally and Externally with Other People
Week 7: The Phases of Healing from Trauma-Based Beliefs
Week 8: Internalizing Healthy Beliefs – Making Healthy Beliefs Your Default Thoughts

If you have any questions, feel free to contact afreeman@anneshiaconsulting.com.

Info/Registration Online: Click here to Register