Anneshia Freeman and Associates Consulting Services, LLC


Reprogramming the Buttons People Push

Eight-Week Online Group Series


Anneshia Freeman -aka- The Locksmith, a maker of “keys” for “locks” in the mind is hosting an eight-week, online series entitled “Reprogramming the Buttons People Push.” Each week, The Locksmith, will deconstruct a particular type of “button” that is often pushed that makes people engage in self-defeating behaviors. She will also provide strategies for reprogramming the “buttons.”

When: Saturdays beginning 09/10/2022 and ending 10/29/2022

Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM – EST

Where: Online via Zoom – Link will be sent weekly

Info/Registration: Click Here for Registration

Each week a specific “button,” that produces certain types of self-defeating behaviors will be addressed. Participants will receive a copy of the workbook “The 100 Most Commonly Seen Unconscious Lies and the Keys to the Locks.” Participants will also receive one set of 100 Victim-Based Beliefs (buttons) Cognitive Restructuring Cards and one set of 100 Villain-Based (buttons) Cognitive Restructuring Cards. Each week, group members will be sent a work-booklet with exercises designed to deconstruct the “button” and reprogram the “button” that will be done during the class.

Week 1: The Self-Sabotage Button

Week 2: The People-Pleasing Button

Week 3: The Procrastination Button

Week 4: The Perfectionism Button

Week 5: The “Make Me Snap” Button

Week 6: The All-Talk No Action Button

Week 7: The Dysfunctional Relationship Button

Week 8: The Try to Control People Button

Price for Eight-Week Group Series
  • LTB Alumni: Group Sessions and Work-Booklets = $200
  • New Participants: Group Sessions, Workbook, Card Sets, Work-Booklets = $500
  • New Participants: Group Sessions, Workbook, Card Sets, Work-Booklets, Formative Years Assessment = $600