Single-Day Training

Anneshia Freeman and Associates Consulting Services offer a variety of trainings and products for organizations. Each training and product is offered in two-formats – non-religious (secular) and faith-based (spiritual). Examples of trainings are as follows:

  • The Adult Reenactment of the Childhood Script
  • The Anatomy of the Severely Wounded
  • Subculture Competency –aka – “Hoodiology ”
  • Marching to the Beat of the Loudest Drum – Life in the Hood
  • The Locks and the Keys
  • Why Do They Keep Doing That
  • What’s Really Going On?
  • My Issues Affect My Work
  • My Issues Make My Budget and My Schedule
  • Pick Your Pain – Series
  • The Lie Series
  • Getting Rid of the Lies That Bind® - Working With Challenging Populations
    --- Spiritual version: Other Sheep – Not of this Fold


Lies That Bind® Program Methodology Training and Certification

Beginning early in 2013, Ms. Freeman will begin conducting a five-day LTB program methodology training for master’s level clinicians and peer recovery coaches. The training will teach the trainees how to deliver the intensive 12-week-24 session LTB program curriculum currently utilized by 61st District Court. Therapists and peers will be certified to deliver this highly acclaimed program module within their scope of practice. Scope of practice for clinicians and peers will be denoted in their certification.

Purchase Lie/Truth Cards in Bulk - For LTB Trained and Certified Providers ONLY - Five Options!

Bulk Card Orders

Motivational Presentations

Anneshia Freeman’s life is a powerful “come-from-behind” victory story that inspires, challenges, and motivates. Her story has been featured on the 700 Club, in the Grand Rapids Press, in the Grand Rapids Times, in the Kalamazoo Gazette, and at various conferences. Anneshia Freeman is frequently asked to serve as the keynote speaker at many conferences.


Anneshia Freeman has published module one in a 10 module series of workbooks for service providers. The first workbook is entitled “The Adult Reenactment of the Childhood Script” which contains 10 concepts that assists service providers in helping their clients identify and address dysfunctional, unconscious childhood patterns they reenact in adulthood. This book contains a CD with PDFs of the worksheet that can be printed repeatedly for use in groups or individual counseling sessions.

Module two “The 100 Most Commonly Seen Unconscious Lies” will be release soon. This 145-page workbook will assist individuals in understanding how to “work” the LTB belief system cards. The workbook will come with 100 of the LTB belief system cards and a CD with PDFs of the worksheets outlined in the workbook.

Other products to be released in 2013 and 2014 are as follows:

  • Book: My Issues Make My Budget and My Schedule
  • Workbook: The Lie Categories Workbook Series
  • Workbook: There’s Gold In Them Ills – Extracting the dysfunction from the issue while keeping the skill set
  • Book, Workbook, and CD Series: My Issues Affect My Work
  • Workbook: Strategic Parenting – Purposely Designing Your Child’s Unconscious Belief System
  • Book: The Parental Wish List – What Adults Wish They Had Received During the Formative Years
  • CDs and DVDs: Reprogramming Your Unconscious Mind – Lie Series
    --- A collection of CDs and DVDs discussing “The 100 Most Commonly Seen Lies” and how to internalizes the truth on the back of the cards

Workbook & Cards

The Lies That Bind® is releasing “The 100 Most Commonly Seen Unconscious Lies” Workbook and Cards!


Hot off the printing press April 25, 2014!
Price is $99.99 plus shipping and handling!
Includes the workbook, a CD with PDFs of the worksheets, 1 Set of 100 Lie/Truth Cards!