Anneshia Freeman and Associates Consulting Services, LLC


A Three-Day Certification Training
The Lies That Bind® 10-Week Spiritual Program

A Word-Based, Mind-Renewing Program

Course Outline

  • Dates: September 29, 2022, September 30, 2022, and October 1, 2022
  • Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Location: Online via Zoom
  • Material: Material will be shipped via FedEx two weeks prior to the training.

Registration Information 


 Learning Objectives:

  • Receive training to deliver The Lies that Bind® Spiritual Mind-Renewing Program.
    • Understand how the devil blinds people’s minds by hiding lies in their unconscious minds, primary, during the formative years.
  • Gain knowledge about the difference between religion and the Kingdom of God.
  • Gain knowledge about the fight between the two kingdoms – light and darkness.
  • Develop skills to expose unconscious dysfunctional beliefs (lies) that were programmed into people’s minds during the formative years.
  • Develop skills to assist individuals in changing the way they were unconsciously programmed to think, to think according to the Word of God.
  • Develop skills to perform all of the tasks contained in the program methodology including:
    • Conducting The Lies That Bind® Formative Years’ Assessment (FYA)
    • Coding and categorizing lies found in people’s FYA
    • Facilitating/co-facilitating The Lies That Bind® Spiritual Group Series
    • Conducting/co-facilitating individual therapy/coaching sessions with people utilizing The Lies That Bind® Program curriculum. .
      • For therapists and counselors – individual therapy sessions.
      • For certified life coaches – individual coaching sessions.
    • Facilitating/co-facilitating The Lies That Bind® Spiritual Alumni Group

About the Presenter: 

Anneshia Freeman graduated Summa Cum Laude four times with an associate’s in Computer Application Technology, a bachelor’s in Business Studies, a master’s in Business Administration (MBA), and a master’s in Social Work (MSW). Ms. Freeman is also a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and a Certified Peer Recovery Mentor (CPRM). Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Anneshia wrote and developed a cognitive restructuring program (mind-renewing program) entitled, “The Lies That Bind – The Legacy of the Locks®” also known as “The Lies That Bind®.” The program is a Kingdom download based on the Word of God and the work of several experts in the fields of neuroscience and psychology. The program also utilizes concepts from computer programming as the mind operates like a computer.  Anneshia brings the three disciplines together, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and introduces people to the lies that Satan planted in their unconscious minds as children. She is anointed to instruct people on how to reprogram their minds to think in accordance with God’s Word. Anneshia is a well-known secular lecturer as well as an evangelist for the Body of Christ. Anneshia Freeman was born and raised in the church while being horrifically abused at home.  She was taught about God but did not know Him personally and thus became a target for the lies and tricks of Satan. She spent 15 years battling a drug and alcohol addiction due to the strongholds implanted in her childhood. God came after His lost sheep and revealed Himself to her while she was in active addiction. On the 7th day of the 8th month of the year 2000, God delivered Anneshia from a $300 to $400 a day crack cocaine habit and began restoring her to sanity.

Course Fees
The $1,200 per person fee includes the following material and a continental breakfast:

  • The Lies That Bind® Spiritual Program Manual.
    • Includes a zip folder with the PDFs of the PowerPoints and worksheets used in each session of the program.
  • 1 copy of Dr. R. Joseph’s book “The Right Brain and the Unconscious: Discovering the Stranger Within.”
  • 1 copy of Dr. Myles Munroe book “Understanding the Kingdom.”
  • 1 set of “The 100 Most Commonly Seen Unconscious Victim Lies Spiritual Belief System Cards.”
  • 1 set of “The 100 Most Commonly Seen Unconscious Villain Lies Spiritual Belief System Cards.”
  • 1 three-ring binder containing the handouts for each day of training

Payment Arrangement Available: Must be paid in full by September 1, 2022.

Target Audience and Requirements

In order to be trained and certified to deliver the program, a person must have completed “The Lies That Bind® Spiritual Program” personally. Trainees must be either a therapist, a counselor, or a certified life coach. Each attendee will be provided with a Scope of Practice memo denoting, based on their credentials, how many components of the program they can deliver. Therapists and counselors can deliver all components of the program. Certified life coaches can deliver the majority of the program concepts, but must partner with another provider, trained and certified in the LTB Spiritual Program model, to deliver the Formative Years’ Assessment.