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A One-Day Training for Service Providers 

 Engaging Cross-Culturally in SUD Treatment

Date: Wednesday, Ocober 28, 2020 
Time: 8:30 - 4:00 PM
Location: Online Training
Contact: Anneshia Freeman at afreeman@anneshiaconsulting.com or 616-890-9387

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Training Content

 This one-day training will equip service providers with information on how to improve engagement, cross-culturally, when providing SUD treatment. Many people disengage from SUD treatment because they could not connect with the service provider. Research shows that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important factors that determine outcomes. This training will not only examine various definitions of culture, but it will also explore the difference between culture and sub-culture. Real life scenarios will provide for discussion and role-playing opportunities. The goal of the training is to equip attendees with strategies to better engage people they serve in SUD treatment across cultures.

Training Objectives 

 Participants will be able to: ■ Define engagement. ■ Define culture. ■ Define subculture. ■ Describe the role of the unconscious belief system in engagement. ■ Describe the role of non-verbal communication in engagement. ■ Describe general engagement strategies and specific engagement strategies for various cultures and subcultures

About the Program Director and Training Facilitator

 Anneshia Freeman is the creator and Director of a copyrighted, trademarked, cognitive restructuring and resocialization program entitled The Lies That Bind – The Legacy of the Locks® also known as The Lies That Bind®. The program is based on the work of several experts in the fields of neuroscience and psychology as well as the results of a 15-year participant/observation, exploratory, ethnographic research project of several inner-city subcultures. Anneshia was employed at Arbor Circle Corporation from 2005 to 2012 where she trained nine MSW therapists in her program methodology. The methodology was piloted within the Mission Inn program for five years. The Mission Inn program assists women with children under the age of five in stopping the generational cycles of drug addiction and poverty in their families. Anneshia Freeman provided cognitive restructuring and resocialization program services for Drug Court and Sobriety Court clients from December 2003 – February of 2015 providing SUD treatment to people from various cultures. The Lies That Bind® is currently being utilized by 61st District Court programs facilitated by a counselor trained and certified to use the model. Anneshia developed an adolescent version of The Lies That Bind® Program that has been utilized by Central City Weed and Seed, The Hispanic Center, Urban Family Ministries, Kent County Juvenile Detention Center, Arbor Circle’s Homeless Youth program, Habitat’s YouthBuild program, Youth Opportunity Program in Toledo, Ohio, and Michigan Youth Challenge Academy. Ms. Freeman worked as a therapist at Flint Odyssey House for 2.5 years providing SUD treatment in a residential setting to people from various cultures. Anneshia Freeman is a highly rated motivational speaker and trainer for various sectors of the human service industry. Anneshia Freeman is a published author and in 2012 established her own consulting firm known as, “Anneshia Freeman and Associates Consulting Services, LLC.”

Course Fee 

 This training will be held online via Zoom. The fee for this training is $30.00 per person. Six MCBAP specific CEUs are pending approval.

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