The Lies That Bind® Alumni Advance Training Workshops

Dates: Saturdays – 5/07/2022, 05/14/2022, 05/21/2022, 05/28/2022
Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST
Location: Online via Zoom – Link will be sent each week.
Requirement: This is for LTB Alumni ONLY!
Price: $100 covers all four sessions.

Info/Registration Online: Registration Online

Description: This four-week, online workshop series is for people who have completed the LTB eight-week series, or the ten-week series, or the 12-week series. The participants must have the LTB Lie/Truth Cards and be familiar with the basics of the LTB Program. The first hour of the workshop will consist of learning advance techniques for healing from dysfunctional, unconscious beliefs (lies). The last hour will be spent processing the material and doing roleplaying activities – practicing the advanced techniques.

Week 1: Desensitizing yourself to the triggers – facial expressions, vocal tones, voice inflections, and body language. Participants will learn how to recognize lie triggering stimuli and deactivate it in real-time in order to respond appropriately rather than obeying the directives of the lies.

Week 2: Internalizing the truth – learning how to make the truth your default thought. Participants will learn how to develop a relationship with the functional beliefs, which involves loading the mind with so much truth that the lies are evicted from the mind – drowning the lies in the truth.

Week 3: Double coding in real-time. Participants will learn how to code the lies that are triggered in themselves while coding the lies that people are operating out of who are triggering them. The participants will also learn how to use functional belief statements to deactivate themselves and others in real-time.

Week 4: There’s Gold in Them Ills – Deconstructing the lies, extracting the dysfunctional aspects of the beliefs, and keeping the skillset that the lies have instilled over time. For example, obeying the lie “You have to figure everything out by yourself” has instill a skillset that allows people to figure things out quickly. When the dysfunctional aspect of the belief is removed, the person is able to utilize other resources to obtain information, swiftly, and figure out how to apply it, swiftly!

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